Our Readers' Opinions
April 20, 2012
Physical structures in North Leeward need upgrading

Editor: While the government is building and upgrading other rural health centres, North Leeward has been neglected in terms of its physical structures in some areas. In every case, BRAGSA is aware of the situation, including the supervisor for North Leeward, yet nothing has been done.{{more}}

At Rose Hall, the nursing quarters have been in a state that is not suitable for the any nurse to occupy. The roof of the house is in a deplorable condition. BRAGSA came and did an assessment, but up to this time, nothing has been done. To date, there is no resident nurse living in Rose Hall. So should there be an emergency, no one is there to deal with it, thus that case has to be sent to the hospital at Chateaubelair since there is also no nurse at Troumaca, who occupies the nurse’s house.

How unfortunate that the clinic at Troumaca was closed for one week due to a flooding that took long to be dealt with. Additionally, the hospital at Chateaubelair has for some time been facing a problem where the air conditioning unit is so noisy that it makes it difficult for the nurses to hear the ultra sound for pregnant mothers.

At Coulls Hill, there is similar need for repairs as the one in Rose Hall. While we recognize the advancement of the government in the erection and upgrading of more health centres, it is important that some attention be made to the services in North Leeward.

The nurses working in North Leeward must be complimented for their first class service rendered despite the challenging situation and conditions under which they are working. It is time that BRAGSA become more active in North Leeward. There is so much room for improvements concerning the maintenance of these health centers by BRAGSA.

Thanks for your speedy action to ease the frustrating conditions of the health workers in North Leeward.

Kennard King