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April 20, 2012
Mini vans tainted by demonic music

Editor: The young are a valuable asset to any nation. They are certainly no less important to the advancement of God’s work than they are to the development of society if their minds are fashioned rightfully. In the righteous moulding of the human mind, cognizance must ever be taken of the external environment which surrounds the mind that can often affect the internal composition of thoughts.{{more}} As this is carefully considered, one would concede that the infected environment of many of the public transportation vehicles which youths use provides very little stimulation toward the affairs of Yahweh (God) and is counter-productive to the building of St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

The atmosphere in the vans has been gravely tainted by demonic music which pollutes the minds of their passengers. Our youth, for example, are helped by these mind-destructive lyrics along a path of ungodliness which encourages irreverent displays and social evils. We hear of the youth crimes as well as the violence-arousing music in these passenger vans. The uncalculated, pre-marital youth pregnancies slip our sight as seldom as the van songs which promote vulgarity hardly pass unnoticed. Their educable minds in relation to values and beliefs, if not personally guarded with the righteous knowledge of God, are left exposed to these songs which work in opposition to their holistic progress.

Vandrivers must recognize their value and be reminded of the public standard which must be set before the youth. Thumbs down to those van drivers who by poor music selection prepare the youth who are on their way to school for war and sex. Though one may want to argue that there are heavier contributing factors to these evil outcomes, it is indisputable that the negativity of these music types, as they have their influence upon the mind, can only lead to negative social responses among the youth. After all, can that which is corrupt produce good fruit? Then should such music be played in the public vehicles of this country whose aim is supposed to be progress and development? Certainly not, for such lyrics darken the mind and alienate the youth from the intelligent and mind-building truths of Yahshua (God).

The youth consequently lead lives of all manner of uncleanness with no deep regard for the bible truth which shows that “righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.” – Prov 13:34. Hence, the country will suffer because of the evil in which they engage, if no true change occurs in their lives.

In light of this, such music should definitely be replaced by the healthy, mind-enriching music of Yahweh (God). Let the songs which pervade the atmosphere of the vans be “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs…” teaching and admonishing the young minds about the word of Christ in order for them to sing with grace in their hearts to Yahweh (God). – Colossians 3:16. As these spiritual songs are accepted in the mind and applied, they will contribute to the youth being flushed from evil and even being more focused on helping their country with the guidance of God. Shall you then van drivers continue to fight against the will of Yahweh and the progress of St.Vincent and the Grenadines? Shall you continue to destroy our nation’s future support -the work of Yahweh’s hands? Let it not be so and stand for good by playing the right songs in the vans!

Mbeki Swift