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April 20, 2012
An offer of $500 to Mr. Simeon

Fri, Apr 20. 2012

Dear Mr. Simeon,

You have put up a smoke screen. You say we (myself and Mr. Kirby) gave examples of personification without recognizing it. Actually we gave examples proving the Holy Spirit is a person – you are the one who refuses to recognize it!! You never did explain how you can grieve a force or an influence. I like Mr. Kirby’s list – those are characteristics of a person, and his list was much longer than mine. You didn’t answer him at all.{{more}} In fact, why did you write all your letter to me and for the most part spent your words on a different subject? You only mentioned Mr. Kirby in passing. Just how do you grieve a force? Answer if you can.

As to translation of the NWT. You assert it is okay because of the scholars you list as being unbiased. Are they really? JW bought translated Bible copyrights from people who were not Jehovah Witnesses but who believed what they believe about Jesus. (He isn’t God according to JW). That opinion isn’t exactly unbiased because they are not JW. They just believe the same thing. That is like I believe what other main line Protestants believe about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, even though I am not a member of their particular church. That I believe the same thing as they makes me biased towards the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

After many words you stated that the Septuagint was correct in having the name of God in the Greek text. Are you so blinded that you forgot something? You claim (by misquoting me) I am wrong in stating no Greek manuscript has Jehovah in it. What did I say? You left out something important. For clarity who didn’t read previous letters – errors found ONLY in the New World Translation I said (and still do): . “For instance in John 1:23 the word Jehovah is found – but it is NOT found in any Greek manuscript of the NEW TESTAMENT, not one. In fact, it is found over 237 times in the NWT without a single manuscript that would back up that “translation”.” Not one Greek text of the NEW TESTAMENT has the word Jehovah. That is what I said.

You, Mr. Simeon, made your defense on the Septuagint ascontaining the name Jehovah. The Septuagint is a Greek translation of the OLD TESTAMENT. Of course it would have Jehovah in it. But that does not answer my clear statement about the NEW TESTAMENT. Since you don’t know the difference between the Old and New Testament, I am sure that is why you don’t know the Holy Spirit.

I know that the newspaper knows your address, and mine. If you can produce at least 20 Greek NEW TESTAMENT MANUSCRIPTS (other than the ones the New World Translators manufactured) that has word Jehovah in it, each and every time the NWT has it “Translated,” I will pay you $500 E.C. Are you listening? That is $500. Tell me the codex, the uncials, papyri, the minuscules. Where/when were they found. Where do you find these Greek NEW TESTAMENT texts that back the translation of John 1:23 and 236 other times the NWT has in their “translation” the word Jehovah? That is $500 for you if you can find 20 such Greek NEW TESTAMENT manuscripts. Out of 25,000 manuscripts for the Bible that we know about, I am sure you think you can find 20 such manuscripts . These will be evidently be different from ALL known manuscripts I know about. But maybe you can enlighten me and these readers. For any dear reader, there are people who have done word by word comparisons for all 25,000 manuscripts that we have. The results are available.

Without a single Greek NEW TESTAMENT with the word Jehovah in it, the Watch Tower and Tract Society are guilty of adding to the Bible 237 times their own bias. That is not the only thing they do in translation, but that alone makes me reject the NWT as it is a very bad translation.

I give you two weeks. May I suggest not asking the Watch Tower and Tract people and do your own research. I have. Google it for starters.

One more thing, if John the Baptist was preparing the way for Jehovah – who is Jesus? He has to be GOD Jehovah!

In God’s Love,

Alan Berry