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February 28, 2012
Doc, we need your help with Little Tokyo!

Tue, Feb 28. 2012

Editor: Have you ever roasted the best breadfruit in the heap only to find a BIG BLOW in the center, or rented a house only to have the landlord allow his family and friends to build shacks all around the yard?{{more}}

Well, that is what Little Tokyo has been allowed to come to, and then the landlord turns around and put you in Court. Not for refusing to pay, but for being unable to attract any form of meaningfull business in Tokyo to make any money to pay.

The most people you will find in Tokyo are persons going to and from the Leeward Bus Terminal.

Some of our best customers bluntly refuse to come to Tokyo, day or night. Imagine the BIGGEST money earner for town board left to go to the dogs. No security, no maintenance, no lights, no customers and no money to pay them.

We happen to own one of the shops and this will be the third time that we will be trumping up to pay down the shop debt. Only for it to go right back up again. Because the conditions in Tokyo remain the same. I am tired of fixing everything in that shop. Water in the panel for the electricity wetting customers, up on the roof every other Sunday. Criminal elements from almost every village liming and selling all around, but yet, we are expected to attract customers in that environment.

I think that the landlord should shoulder some of the responsibilities of the debt that Tokyo has accumulated and that the PM be put in charge of cleaning up Kingstown. This problem seems to be BIGGER than the persons who are currently trying to do this for ten years now. I feel the PM has the compassion, vision and the ‘get it done’ attitude that it needs to do this, unlike the others whose solution is to kick out shop owners who owe. Not because of politics, but because they previously owe shops in Kingstown.

With all due respect to Senator Francis, who is the person who wants to get it right now, I think the PM must take on this problem once and for all.

The cleaning up of Kingstown is one of the biggest political points our party could score right now, especially if it comes with maintenance.

When we do clean, we have to keep it clean and frankly speaking, I am surprised that my government – party – the Doc – Julian – have not hit this one out of the park long time for six.

You cannot just put shop owners at the mercies of Mr Williams when even the PM says he would not have paid under these conditions. I mean, can you expect in this current financial condition, anyone to spend – invest in Little Tokyo?

So, we are appealing to the PM for help on this one. Time for the PM to lead the clean-up of Kingstown and Little Tokyo.

Shop Owner