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January 31, 2012
Old minds in new times

Tue, Jan 31. 2012

Editor: Undoubtedly the world has changed significantly over the last 50 years and one has to wonder if we are keeping pace with the rest of the world.{{more}}

We may quickly say yes because we are evaluating ourselves based on where we were 50 years ago and not against where the rest of the world is today. The fact is science is gaining increased prominence in many of the rapidly developing societies. Even sport has been transformed by science.

I am of the opinion that science is not playing a leading role in our society. If we look at the content of what is presented by our media, very little of it focuses on science. However, our children need to develop their minds along the lines of science. Even in our schools children are not exposed to what is taking place in the realm of space exploration, which can give them a better understanding of the universe; but more importantly, it encourages them to view things from a different perspective. I believe that the majority of our secondary school students do not know that there are automated vehicles called the Mars Rovers exploring the environment on Mars.

However, I am certain that the majority would have heard that there was a man who built a ship to accommodate a pair of all the animals in the world, a feat that would have required a ship greater in size than the largest United States aircraft carrier.

I often feel that the older minds cannot adjust to the rapidly changing times. Even some of the younger folks find themselves in key positions and end up thinking the same way.

Our school curriculum is probably the same as 50 years ago; therefore despite whatever technology we place at the disposal of the children we may continue producing citizens that think the same way. This society has to be transformed by science. What has become of our science fairs? Is it that the importance of science is declining?

We are definitely living in different times and have to make the necessary adjustments if we are to keep up with this rapidly changing world.

I have to keep emphasizing that we have to start conducting some of our own experiments so that we can address some of the challenges that we are facing.