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January 27, 2012
Congratulations to the five new Deacons

Fri, Jan 27. 2012

Editor: Permit me a small space to offer my heartiest congratulations to the five new deacons ordained in St. George’s Cathedral on Wednesday of this week. In particular, I have the honour to have been associated with three of them in a most unusual coincidence.{{more}}

Mr. Lennox John was a teacher of mine in the early sixties. He was also a principal of the Bishop’s College Kingstown, where I taught in the 1968/73 period. One of my pupils was the very same Mrs. Rosemarie Alleyne, ordained with Mr. John. The third connection is with Mr. Kenwyk Lewis, a long-time boyhood friend, school colleague, and a fellow-member of a young team called Spurs, which travelled all over the rural areas in the sixties popularising the sport.

It has been a pleasure to be associated with all three, and I wish them all the best.

Renwick Rose