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January 24, 2012
Gone, but really forgotten?

Tue, Jan 24. 2012

Editor: Is he really forgotten? Are some of our memories so really short? I am referring to the Dental Technician who was mercilessly, cruelly, brutally butchered to death on December 4, 2011 in his very home – a place that is supposed to be a haven, a place that is supposed to shelter us and make us feel, as the name says, at home.{{more}} If we are not secure there, where else can we be? Maybe it will be better if we camp out with the animals.

This unwarranted attack which was taken to the super extreme, was so not worthwhile, so unnecessary. We are supposed to be our brothers’ keeper, to watch out for one another, to have their backs. “Where were the motherly instincts and the fatherly cares when all these things were being concocted?

I understood that he was on the verge of ill health when he was attacked and he was sleeping.

Are some so chicken and coward that you will hit someone when he is down? There is a bit of consolation though, in it all. He managed to shoot one of his assailants and when those at the mortuary were finished with him, he was transferred into a completely new body. The corpse doesn’t look like him, so maybe he is somewhere out there. Where is the sense in this senseless killing? Ells loved life. He was working tirelessly, assiduously, providing for his numerous offspring throughout the universe. He also managed to lend a helping hand here and there, turning up unexpectedly to perform a good deed. Like all, he had his ways, but, like all, he was accountable to his creator. The Great Judge, who will soon right all the wrongs here, for from his lofty position he looks straight at our hearts.

Guilt is a powerful feeling. It knows no end if someone who is so affected does not take the correct measures to seek redress. It will eat at you and damage you even worse than what was done to Ells.

His family is mourning his loss. The masses are, he helped them. His stuff was excellent and affordable. He gave many new smiles for little. He trusted them; he never harassed anyone for money. His children missed him. It was heart rendering to listen to the sincere sobs coming from his family and children at the entrance of the church on December 16. There are too many unanswered questions. Why was Moses allowed to escape? Vigilance on the path of some would have prolonged Ells’ life.

Why was Moses brutally gunned down, (though he was a brutal killer) after he begged for mercy? His face was like a troubled schoolboy begging for help. No one is too far gone to be redeemed. Had he been afforded such, he could have been saved to a certain extent. God invites all murderers, whores, thieves, to come to him. He casts out no one once you sincerely seek him and are sorry for your wrongs.

That’s why he sent his son to help sinners (the whole human race) and all the ‘Moses’ out there.

It is alleged that Ells gave his gun to someone. Why did the so-called gun end up in the hands of the so-called killer?

Again, why was Moses shot so very many times, when it is said that he surrendered? There are many more questions that are unanswered and need some answers.

Why aren’t persons who are in a position to shed light on the incident picked up for questioning?

“Who has been killed? Is he an animal, or someone’s son? When will some closure be given? Everything here (almost) is being done like in the big cities. Many of the stores remind me greatly of New York. We tend to dress like New Yorkers, we walk like them, talk like them, WE EVEN EXECUTE LIKE THEM.

A keen observer