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January 13, 2012
Poetic Cry

by Dillon Ollivierre Fri, Jan 13. 2012

Shanika Small went missing
Decomposed body had the nation stressing
Junior Lowman thrown in copper of boiling water
January 4th 2012, a mother mourns the loss of her daughter
Bang! Shot in the head, Dead!

Do you feel it? The pain within
Our country slowly sinking{{more}}
Our people have lost hope, they have lost the vision of togetherness
What was in sight has been pushed aside by all forms of negative
My people, why are you no longer thinking positive?
Why do you run for the gun or knife?
Why are you so keen on taking a life?
Why do you seek violence to solve your problems?
Why do you react so foolish, why do you sink deeper within your problems?

Can you see it? The sadness on our people’s face
The lust for a warm embrace
A demand for a safer S.V.G
A plea to those in authority
Mr. Prime Minister what plans are in place to tackle the issue of crime and violence?
Christian Council I refuse to accept your deafening sound of silence
Mr. Opposition Leader what activities do you have planned to tackle the issue?
Youths! I urge you to stand, I refuse to sit and use another tissue
Mr. Commissioner, what do you think is the reason for the increase in crime and violence ?
Vincentians we can no longer dwell in silence

I dare you to put yourself in the shoes of the mourners
I dare you to picture the victims as your son or daughter
Husband or mother, uncle or aunty
I dare you to be the change that is needed in your country
I refuse to carry another candle, I refuse to sit silently

Our country is under attack
Crime and violence is threatening to remove the pillars that makes us known as land of the blessed
Please I’m urging you, let us restore pride and dignity to the title given; land of the blessed!