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January 13, 2012
Establish good relationships with each other in 2012

Fri, Jan 13. 2012

Editor: I wish you and staff and all our readers a prosperous and peaceful new year, 2012. As we begin a new year, it is important we start it right. However, unfortunately, it started out very badly with two homicides already.{{more}}

As we reflect and do some serious thinking, it must be agreed that the family is the most important element in any nation. We have had far too many weak families and many of our crimes are related to poor families. It is, therefore, our responsibility to ensure that our families are strong.

It is my wish for this year that we endeavour to rebuild the families and heal the broken relationships that have caused so much pain. My wish also is that we would forgive and let love be our guide this year. So when our homes are built on love and forgiveness, with care for each other, then we would see a stronger family and, by extension, a stronger nation.

Truly, the success or failure of any nation lies in the families. Poor families will give rise to a poor nation, whereas strong families will give rise to strong nations. So that when the nation is strong it would mean a big reduction in crimes. Whereas, on the other hand, poor and weak families will mean a rise in crimes.

Let us be determined in 2012 to be build strong families, heal the wounds in the relationships and establish good relationships with each other. Most important, let Christ be the head of our homes and let us put Christ in our homes and lives. When we do so, we would have a healthy nation in all fronts.

Thank you and may we have a blessed and peaceful 2012.

Kennard King