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December 22, 2011
Girls’ High School in 2011

Thu, Dec 22. 2011

Editor: As the momentous, historic centenary year draws to a close, the Headmistress, Staff and Students of the St. Vincent Girls’ High School and the leadership and Membership of the GHS Alumnae Association salute our Alumnae at home and abroad in the various cities of the world.{{more}}

We especially salute:

Our Centenary Awardees- the McKenzie Sisters of E &D Snacks, Mrs. Carteel Trotman, Ms. Roslyn Peters, Mrs. Deidre Millington Myers, Dr. Camille Nichols, Ms Jean Duncan, Mrs. Ianthea Leigertwood-Octave, Mrs. Laura Anthony-Browne, Ms. Sancho Lyttle and Ms. Donna Clarke and those who were recognized for dedicated service to GHS; Mr. Curtis Hunte, Mr. Johnny Pompey, Mrs. Veronica Derrick and Ms. Meisha Bynoe for her outstanding academic excellence; The social Sciences trip to Jamaica with 50 students and 10 teachers; The GHS Centenary Class of 2011 for an all time high pass rate of 98% at CSEC exams, River Providence for gaining the CSEC regional Award for Best Performance in the Humanities and Kayrel Edwards, top national performer at CSEC; The Lecture Series Organizers and the 13 presenters and hostesses for an excellent and innovative series, and our many loyal patrons, exemplified by Dr. A.C. Cyrus and family, and the hundreds who followed the lectures via the electronic media and extended the debate on important national issues;

The organizers and participants of the iconic Torch Relay, led by Latoya DeRoche-John, and the incredible Blue and White Affair with its impactful march through Kingstown led by the historic GHS bois-bois dancers and the thrilling Count Down ceremony at Victoria Park;

Clare Keizer and the efficient editorial staff GHS Centenary Magazines who produced a treasured memento of this unforgettable moment in the life of our dear Alma Mater;

Our spiritual leaders, led by Laura Anthony-Browne, our cultural ambassadors under the leadership of Jeanne Horne and Donna Clarke; our sporting enthusiasts in netball led by Jacintha Ballantyne and the athletics under the guidance of Mavis Findlay-Joseph and Lynette Glasgow; The organizers and participants of Miss Heritage 2011, Jonique Chance and delegate 1st runner-up Anya Frederick; The inaugural Cultural Parade, to mark our country’s 32nd anniversary of independence.

The producers of the 2011production of the Christmas special “The Wonder of Christmas”; All our multi-talented Alumnae, our loyal supporters and well-wishers whose dedication made it all possible;

Our Overseas Alumnae Associations in New York, Toronto and London and elsewhere in the diaspora whose touching loyalty was the elixir that made the centenary celebrations possible. They thronged to St. Vincent during the centenary week and by their presence and encouraging remarks gave the necessary fillip excitement to the celebrations; our loyal supporters who rallied around us in big and small ways;

The Facebook fans who spread the word and share nostalgic experiences; The Business community, the Ministry of Education, the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

We leave a legacy of an institution that stands tall in the educational history of our state, with a blue print of iconic anniversary celebrations and a building, the Grimble Building that now forms part of our national architectural heritage.

We leave also the tangible legacy to the archival treasures of our state in the Form of our historic Centenary magazine, the compilation of the 13 lectures of the Lecture Series with relevant data to presenters and hostesses, the historic Centenary Stamp Collection, featuring outstanding alumnae and the GHS Centenary Song and the choir of 100 Voices and CDs of the Torch Relay, the Cultural Extravaganza and the Blue and White Affair.

Patrons can look forward to our Anniversary Lecture on or around May 8th each year, our special garden Tea Party and continued academic success of our current and past students and the school’s continued participation in the cultural and sporting life of our nation.

The Grand Ole Dame, Girls’ High School, centenarian, wishes each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a bright and productive New Year. As a parting gift to the general public, the school will telecast the production of “The Wonder of Christmas” on Monday, December 26th, 2011, at 7pm on SVG TV. Per ardua ad alta, Through difficulties to the Heights.

by Joye Browne
President of the GHS Alumnae Association SVG