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December 6, 2011

Let us apply ourselves to problem solving

Tue, Dec 6. 2011

Editor: The crime rate in this country is very much cause for serious concern. Every crime committed is one too many, but the murders being committed are simply too much for this nation to bear. We have to address this problem as a nation. It is clear that that there is room for improvement in our method of parenting and the way we are educating our children.{{more}} Our problem is being compounded by persons with criminal backgrounds being deported from North America.

We have to be innovative in our approach to dealing with our problems. It is all well and good to learn from the experience of others, but we ought to generate our own ideas. Crime is not unique to us, but our solutions can be unique. Others can learn from us instead of us always trying to learn from others.

It is clear that we can no longer attempt to bring up children in the same way as we did 20 years ago. Times have changed and there are more negative influences at work. We, therefore, have to launch an assault on the minds of our children. We simply cannot attempt to teach our children and hope that they absorb what they are being taught. Children today have to be indoctrinated in order to create the citizens we desire. In some cases, we may have to resort to hypnosis in order to deal with deep-rooted problems. This may appear drastic, but that is how things are today.

Many of the problems being faced in this society are as a result of poor parenting. Too many young persons are becoming parents and do not want to alter their lifestyles to bring up their children in a proper way. The way some parents dress their children leaves much to be desired. Young boys are being dressed to look like gangsters, while young girls are being dressed in the most revealing outfits.

I am of the opinion that parenting should be introduced as a subject in schools. This is not encouraging young persons to become parents but to educate them in bringing up a child, whenever they do become parents.

I maintain that Christianity can no longer play the role it did in the past. As time goes by, persons would doubt its authenticity and ignore everything it stands for. Hence, we ought to teach spiritual development in schools with no emphasis on any religion. Prayer alone is not going to make this problem go away. We cannot resign ourselves to fear and self-pity, but we must face this problem head on. It is not all lost, but we must act now.