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October 11, 2011
The rise and fall of community groups

Tue, Oct 11. 2011

Editor: Community groups play an important role in the development of a community, for they aid in the reduction of various kinds of crime. If you look at communities that have good, active community groups, you will see that those communities have a low crime rate.{{more}} This is so because the activities are well organized and they involve many persons in the community.

They bring togetherness through sports, culture and other areas, and also can create employment through their projects. Let us not forget the development they can bring through education and sports; likewise, the various projects that come about, which will lift the community outlook and spirit. No wonder the community of Rose Bank has a minimal crime rate, since there is a well functioning community group.

Community groups can also minimize the political divide, since many persons of different political backgrounds will be working together. It can use sports as a vehicle of togetherness along with culture. I must add here, that the Rose Bank Development has been a prime example in this area. Thus, there is need for proper functioning community groups.

However, many groups have folded for many reasons, among them, the lack of commitment by members. Sometimes, there is not a clear, defined goal and nothing to motivate. Besides the fact that many persons who initially started out have become busy elsewhere in their family life and job, they find little time to become involved. Since it is voluntary work, it is important to always attract new members so that it can survive.

Let us be practical, as many groups have folded due to politics, where some have allowed politicians to dictate for them and where others have allowed politics to be part of the group. We must never allow politics to become part of any community groups. Some group members have even allowed pressure from politics to cause them to be frustrated and so they give up the work in the community.

Here, I strongly recommend that communities form groups that are widely based, and made up of people from varying backgrounds socially, politically and religiously. This will minimize the crimes in the community. They must seek to be self-sufficient and so have their own fundraising which ought to go towards the development of the community. Of importance, should be cooperation of government in aiding the groups in terms of financial support, where necessary.

We can do our bit in reducing crimes by getting involved in community groups and help in keeping them going. Hats off to those community groups that have gone past twenty years. Amongst them is the Rose Bank Development Association (ROBDA).

Kennard King