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October 11, 2011
The Bigger Better Network should apologize to SVG

Tue, Oct 11. 2011

Editor: Over the last couple of weeks Digicel has inconvenienced customers with their faulty service and, up until last week, never offered an explanation.{{more}}

But what is even more troubling than paying for a service that you can’t use is that instead of apologizing for the lousy service, Digicel sought to further disrespect and insult the intelligence of Vincentians by issuing a press release stating that the problem is coming from the fact that they are upgrading their network.

The Bigger Better Network announced that the number of

customers on its mobile internet service has increased by over 300 per cent in the past 12 months and that has, in turn, resulted in Digicel making added, “investment in its EDGE network to sustain the continued growth and ensure that customers benefit from the best experience, underpinned by the best value”.

Yeah right, Digicel, why couldn’t you just come clean with us, explain what the real problem was and apologize for the weeks of delayed BBM messages and phone calls that dropped at anytime and in some instances even took up to 10 tries before they went through.

How often have we heard this in the last few weeks from a friend or family, “why haven’t you returned my call?”. The simple answer would be, “because Digicel service not working good, so me ain’t seeing no miss calls”. But Digicel will have us believe and I quote, “as a result of the upgrade work being done, Digicel customers may experience some intermittent interruptions in service”. Intermittent is an understatement.

The Bigger Better Network should apologize to Vincentians for putting out that idiotic press release and instead tell us how we are going to be compensated for the data packages that we paid for and couldn’t use; the numerous dropped calls and important phone calls that we missed; where in some instances business people even lost money and sick people were delayed help, all because of problems on their network.

I just changed my provider; I’m going back to LIME, where at least they tell us the truth.

Mark Dalton