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October 4, 2011
We have to develop our minds

Tue, Oct 4. 2011

Editor: We are into October, the month in which we celebrate our independence. The real question is, how independent are we as a nation and individually? The truth is, we are neither independent as a nation nor individually. We are all interdependent, therefore have to rely on one another, one way or the other. This applies to every nation and individual.{{more}} However, we must strive to be independent in thought as much as possible, and this must be supported by mental strength.

I am always of the view that we are not mentally strong as a people. We seem not to be able to dig deep within and find solutions to our problems. We are always seeking an external solution. I sometimes wonder if it as a result of our religion, slavery or a combination of both. The problem is that most of us do not understand the power of the mind and I feel that this should be introduced to children at an early age. Sadly though, we have been brainwashed into believing that anything dealing with the use of mind power is the work of the devil. This is very disheartening, because in many parts of the world, persons are treating the workings of the mind as a science and are trying to get a better understanding of how it works and its capabilities. Everything that was created physically was first created mentally; therefore it is important that we develop a society of creative thinkers. It is that development of the inner self which enables people to come up with creative ideas.

I sometimes get the impression that our people are being suffocated by a negative energy which is hampering our development. I do not know if it is as a result of deep-seated negative thoughts or the use of negative energy by persons for their own gains. However, as a nation, we ought to remain focused and positive. We ought to recognize that our minds can either make us or break us.

The power of the mind is amazing; but in our population, too few persons attempt to explore, much less use, its capabilities. We have to begin treating the study of the mind as a science and put our religious skepticism aside. We ought to set our minds on a path where it is self-sustaining in generating ideas. Once it is on this path, creative ideas would continue to flow. If we look at our science students, there seems to be very little creative ideas coming through. This is because their minds have not been developed along those lines. We seem to be lost in the jungle, not knowing which path to take.