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September 27, 2011
People in high offices need to curb their TEMPER

Tue, Sept 27. 2011

Editor: Permit me to inform the Vincentian public of power play of the highest order.

The morals of the senior officials in the public service leave much to be desired.{{more}}

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Mobilization was sent on vacation for about 100 days. She returned on Tuesday, September 20, to be given a letter, WITHOUT NOTICE, that she is transferred to the Ministry of National Reconciliation, (leaving all the public’s unfinished business).

This is Gross DISRESPECT to the Vincentian public and to the woman herself as a LEADER. Where are the morals of these INSECURE people in authority?

UNDERSTAND THIS – this Ministry is the ENGINE OF THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT. Consider you have a new vehicle with a bad engine, or some one takes out the engine from your vehicle. It is a time of social unrest in SVG. Why would right-thinking people transfer the PS at this time to secure themselves? Please understand there is nothing wrong with the PS; she did not do any thing wrong. (Transfers do come, but when it’s done now for now – it’s as if the person being transferred commited a crime or did something wrong).

Two other civil servants were also transferred from that Ministry for no apparent reasons. Both letters were dated September 14 and the transfers were effective on September 14. Do these Caseworkers have any any record on their file? Did they ask for a transfer? I don’t think so!! In the case of one of the civil servants whose portfolio is case worker/probation officer, he was instructed to return two children to their biological parents. The caseworker in question must have said that he needs to revisit the home to do a home study/enquiry to see if there was improvement in the homes – the authorities did not want to hear any of it and demanded that the children be returned without due regard for the work or proper social work protocol. I guess he was transferred because he was seen as a threat to them. Total disrespect to the profession and the case worker (These days it is do as I say or else).

The Ministry of National Moblisation speaks every year about child abuse – but isn’t what happened to those children abuse?

When I consider the Press Secretary promoting violence, speaking about thinking of killing people, and you have the Prime Minister defending him, what do we expect from the man on the street? Confrontation is now the gun. These people in high offices have to curb their TEMPER; you do not run a Ministry as if its your personal domain. It is the state’s domain and each person is entitled to an opinion.

A concerned Vincentian