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September 23, 2011
Put aside your politics when dealing with crime

Fri, Sept 23. 2011

Editor: When we hear of murders it is never pleasant news. Both the killings at Campden Park and the one at Sharpes are cause for concern. Careful examinations of the killings link them strongly to domestic problems, in the sense of relationship failure.{{more}}

There are lessons we can learn from both incidents. I must hasten to add that I consider it to be immature, naïve and downright political obsession to put politics into these killings. Let us put aside our politics and think soberly as VINCENTIANS what we can learn from these hideous crimes.

These incidents are but a reminder of the sinfulness of man and controlling powers of Satan on the lives of many. For we can never doubt the power the LORD gives to resist the temptation to do such evil and to deal with it in a sane manner. It also brings to the forefront the weakness in dealing with issues.

Far too often society plays an important role in helping to solve problems or worsen the situation. Many times we fail to honestly support each other. We need to be our brother’s keeper and not a busy body in other person’s affairs. I wonder if efforts were made by concerned friends and relatives to aid the couple. Sometimes we tend to make a judgment before listening to both sides. How many couples go for counseling and how many persons would honestly reach out in love to assist an ailing relationship?

We must, however, bear in mind that we ought not to interfere in other persons’ lives unless asked to. Sometimes those who are in the heat of the moment would deny that they need help. Thus we need when facing problems to seek help. It is important that we choose wisely the persons whom we associate with and tell our problems to.

I strongly recommend that as Vincentians we put aside our political differences and work together to curb the incidents of crimes, such as these by becoming friends, by being honest and open with each other. Let us become persons who are trustworthy, and, more important as Christians let us pray earnestly for our nation. These hideous crimes are satanic and are driven by the forces of evil. Let us look out for each other by showing love and understanding. Let us not forget to pray for each other and demonstrate more tolerance and forgiveness.

I think it is time we as a people turn to God and denounce the practice of evil. Only God can change the heart of man.

May we as a nation live lovingly and respect each others right to life. Thank you.

Kennard King