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September 23, 2011
Can’t let this one ya go

Fri, Sept 23. 2011

Editor: An article in a newspaper of Friday, September 16, 2011, bearing the name “Tokyo Nuisance” I appeal – “Can’t let this One Ya Go”.

My experience in Tokyo with this individual before I left St. Vincent in 2009: My family and I can’t get peace from this “Tokyo Nuisance”.{{more}} Once spotted anywhere, he will go into town and tongue lash you. He knows very well we are strong supporters of ULP, and more so Comrade Ralph. I am from Georgetown.

If he meets you at a funeral, supermarket, stores, market, on the radio etc. or even on the picket line, he will abuse you in the worst way to attract a crowd. The only place you will get peace maybe is in the church. Why? Is it because he hardly goes there?

Come on, Julian, do something for Tokyo now. Victims of this NDP Fanatic ask that at least one of you down there must, I repeat, make an example of him by taking him to the High Court of the Land. Only then you will gain the respect you deserve as a citizen.

Victim U.S.A
Boston U.S