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September 20, 2011
Stop harrassing ULP supporters!

Tue, Sept 20. 2011

Editor: In August 2011, the Ministry of Transport, Works, Urban Development and Local Government, which has direct responsibility for the Kingstown Board, initiated plans to repair all shops at Little Tokyo.{{more}}

Thanks in advance for that timely action from the Hon. Julian Francis. Minister, please put your plan to work sooner, rather than later. The persons who operate those shops cannot do proper business at all; they are there waiting and hoping for the Government to repair the shops and the area in general.

But more so, I am very glad as a citizen, and others will join me by saying there is a “Political Fanatic” of the NDP Party or “Blow Hard” just next to the exit of Little Tokyo, causing trouble almost everyday, harassing ULP supporters going about their business. He believes he is above the law and wants people to be afraid of him, with his dirty mouth and loose tongue; he has no respect at all, for those in authority.

Minister Francis you had your own experience with the NDP disgrace.

It is about high time for Mr. Eustace, who has dubbed himself as “Mr. Clean”, to distance himself from that individual causing trouble among his own supporters.

Check it out, Mr. Eustace!

Concerned Citizen