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September 20, 2011
God, bless my homeland of SVG and its people

Tue, Sept 20. 2011

Editor: Congratulations to ALL who are part of keeping cricket alive and well in North Leeward. Though I was born in Rose Hall, I attended the Troumaca Government School and taught in Spring Village(all cricket loving villages).{{more}}

I was an open batsman for Rose Hall in 1955 when we had our first North Leeward Providence(Gideon Providence) Cup Competition. I cried when we played carelessly and lost to Rose Bank in the play-off finals in Chateaubelair.

Both teams had 18 points each and we took Rose Bank for granted and lost. We blamed no one but ourselves for our loss.

I am appealing to ALL to keep cricket alive in SVG. Cricket was responsible for several families starting on both the Windward and Leeward sides of the island. I still love cricket and follow it, thanks to the Internet and sometimes feel very disappointed when West Indies “let me down” through lack of application. However, please keep the cricket fire burning not only in North Leeward, but throughout SVG. Cricket unites people, does not divide them. May God bless SVG, my Homeland, and its people.

Ormond V. “Bully” Robertson