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September 13, 2011
Keeping your cool at E.T. Joshua Airport

Tue, Sept 13. 2011

Editor: Any person having to go to the Departure lounge at the E. T. Joshua Airport need not be in despair due to the cultured heat which is bordering on “stifling” and “unbearable”.{{more}}

To get some relief, if you are travelling, check in, say a hasty goodbye to family and friends and escape to Immigration through the door headed “Departures” and on which is marked “Restricted area. Passengers only beyond this point.” Do not feel too badly; they would wave to you some time later at the fence along the main road, where they are likely to get some breeze, while shading their eyes from the sun.

If, however, you are not travelling, you could position yourself carefully, so that when the “unrestricted” escape beyond that door, on opening, the draft would hit you a welcoming blow.

If you do not find that a viable option, however practical, you have then one other recourse. Position yourself near to the LIAT Check in counter and look directly above to your right for the Heineken beer sign. Let your imagination flow. No, do not close your eyes; keep them focused on all that ICE and be lost in the moment. Trust me, if your are really good you would experience a cooling. Then, after all, it does not matter if you are good or not because that sign says: “Air conditioning”!

Cool one