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September 13, 2011
God, help our banana people too

Tue, Sept 13. 2011

Editor: I have to say how relieved I am, just from reading the recent Midweek news, and when our Prime Minister warned those Godforsaken public workers to be professional and sensitive, especially those who try to mishandle his supporters and friends just because they can’t punish him.{{more}} As a successful lawyer and our duly elected leader, the P.M. has a lot to teach Vincentians about professionalism and sensitivity. That lesson was made so clear in the newspapers some months ago. It is every lawyer’s duty to defend a criminal or alleged criminals, not to befriend them. No, Sir. The P.M. and no criminal is frien.

Then again, as a leader, you must know the true difference between ‘taking responsibility and tecking blame’. Like the incredible delivery of responsible ministerial statements which pointed out the culprits and appropriating them blame for consorting with alleged criminals and their failed attempts at assassinating our beloved Prime Minister. (See the example, the only case of how responsibility and blame could be congruent is when it drops out of the PM’s mouth) Mr. P.M, the lessons to be learnt from you are so simple, any fool can learn. But it’s just because of ignorance and pure hate for you why so many Vincentians don’t learn.

To further illustrate the lessons: Just as our P.M. and no criminal is frien … The P.M. Friends are no Criminals. That is why I know a few weeks now when a certain King, for failure to act professionally in public, is now closer pressed to P.M’s breast; and why our P.M. has generated a defensive shield around him. Regardless to how much computer, electronics and speaker cable the devil use trying to tie up your son with any blame. You know for sure the P.M. will remain your closest and sensitive friend, tucking your son under his all-embracing wing. If you don’t believe me, check the son of a Beach.

And it’s just so a lot of other government workers are getting caught trying to catch the P.M. notice. But they didn’t listen to Papa’s lessons, advice or warnings; and they don’t know the difference between sensibility and sensitivity. Now if you intend to take tax-payers’ tribute to bling with, or for anything, the sensible thing to do first is to get under Papa’s wing. Next, let sensitivity take its natural course; after that you can do no crime. The difference today is that your daughter Ab-e and you didn’t take/make the right advice/connections, and is what deems her actions criminal.

To follow our PM’s latest advice: Despite the challenges, Hold on (na tun bak) because he is going forward and making progress with God’s help. So, GOD help us all, especially we Banana Farmers because we have nothing else to hold on to in these dark and dismal days, besides the diseased and ripening bananas in the fields. I am praying that some IBDOs (International Banana Detective Officials) similar to those from the IMF will also schedule some weekly visits to discuss our local banana industry, farmers’ organizations, institutions and departments. This way, they can also congratulate we ‘bout the tremendous progress we making; and give Peanuts and Arnhim something real to talk ‘bout.

Mr. PM., I am hoping this will happen sooner than later, because we all know the oil done come and landed, and as soon as the cabinet decide the budget, we will all know who will be holding on to farming, who the banks will be holding, and those who will be left holding on to God.

For those who Ah Labour; labour on, there is no rest; and you labour not in vain. Hold on to you party/card and listen to good advice, because more goodies are just round the corner, coming in the next elections. Remember up to a year ago the country was poised for an economic take-off. Well next year is another story. When the nation, the diaspora and the international community are looking for whosoever take off with our nation’s economy, you and the P.M. will be miles ahead; your investment is secure. Even when this cake will be much smaller you and other farmers will be safe under the Comrade’s wing.

And for simple folks like me (dem who nah ah tun back) all we have to do is to make sure our sensitivities/balls are in the right hands/courts. Just make sure that before this harvest and hurricane season is past, we cut whatever ripening bananas we can find and deliver them as sacrifice and offerings to the door step of the P.M., his officials and the responsible departments. For those of who don’t have bananas to reap …. no panic, banana leaf and trash will accrue new economic and historic value.. Chop, clear and deliver those too. Keep the fire burning and hold on to the flame, even if your water and current disconnect, keep going. The P.M. is gracious and acquaints himself with responsible professionals. As in the past, the Comrade and his PMs will continue advocate on our behalf. So why worry? Remember it’s not just NCB that done sell. The new bank people don’t know squat about responsibility; they only know who to blame. So Help Us, GOD.