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September 9, 2011
Dr. Adrian Fraser, a King among men

Fri, Sept 09. 2011

Editor: Hats off to Dr. Adrian Fraser. I don’t know Dr. Fraser personally, but after reading his weekly columns (Point of View) in the Searchlight Newspaper, I venerate his writings and social commentary, and I have utmost respect for Dr. Fraser (he’s one of my local celebrities).{{more}} I normally ask myself why Dr. Fraser isn’t the Leader of this country (wishful thinking).

I was really enthralled with Dr. Fraser’s Friday, September 2 , 2011, Column, ‘The Garvey Movement in St. Vincent – Some reflections’. I spent 5 years learning history in school and never did I know we had a Marcus Garvey Movement in St. Vincent. The UNIA, I read about Mr. Garvey, I did a paper on him, but still I was ignorant to this bit of information. We had a Movement right here at Home! This new piece of information is like Gold to me. It gives me a renewed sense of patriotism. I’ll be eagerly anticipating this week’s Column where Dr. Fraser will speak about ‘The addresses that were given by Garvey’.

More Vincentians need to show an interest in our Local History, especially my young peers. Dr. Fraser’s two books ‘From Shakers To Spiritual Baptist’ and ‘Chatoyer, The First National Hero of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ should be at the top of our reading list. I could safely say Dr. Fraser is a blessing to this nation. I hope one day I get the opportunity to sit and speak with him.

Mr. Logomachy