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September 9, 2011
Customers have an obligation to pay their bills

Fri, Sept 09. 2011

Editor: As I listen to the media on a daily basis, I often wonder if our Prime Minister sleeps comfortably at nights when he thinks back on some of the decisions he makes.{{more}} Prime Minister, why are you listening to petit garbage and gossip from folks around you who want to remove the focus of their incompetence from themselves? I am aware that you are under a lot of stress/pressure these days, but do not allow yourself to make decisions that will haunt you later on in life. Please avoid the generation curse.

The current basa basa at VINLEC was uncalled for, because from my understanding, the customer in question was asked to visit the office way back in April/May to make payment arrangements on her arrears and she never did; she never even called. Also, the contact number on the account is out of order, so the Credit Control Supervisor or her workers had no way of contacting her.

Also, Prime Minister, is it true that this account is domestic, while a commercial business is being operated there?

I know that you are concerned about your supporters, but as customers they have an obligation to pay their bills like every one else. I am not concerned about the suspended worker’s well-being because we worked together in the Ministry of Finance and Planning up until 2004, and I know that she is a competent worker.

Prime Minister, this is not a political issue, this is all about JUSTICE, and resembles the Girls’ High School saga. Stop disappointing me, I need to enjoy some good days with you.

Beryl Browne