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September 9, 2011
Comrade, do not throw away the baby with the bath water

Fri, Sept 09. 2011

Editor: As Supervisors at VINLEC, we are wondering when is Mr. Thornley Myers, CEO, going to stand up for his workers who are not represented by a Union.{{more}}

It scares us to know that one of our colleagues could be suspended for simply performing the job that she is being paid to do, and it could happen to anyone of us just the same.

Last year, when workers at VINLEC did not receive a bonus, this same supervisor and her Unit came under fire for not bringing in enough money into the company. This supervisor is one of the first to arrive at work and the last to leave. She is at work on Sundays and public holidays, without asking for any overtime pay. Because of the number of customers she has to see on any given day, her work begins when everyone has left for home. This melee was brewing, so when the domestic account, where a business operation in Georgetown was disconnected for being more than 4 months in arrears, even when notices were put on the radio stations in advance, this was only an opportunity for the Comrade to verbally abuse the Supervisor.

The Comrade erred in this issue by waiting for the Supervisor to call for a cheque that he stated was sent to VINLEC the day before, to put on the said account, but the office was closed. He should have spoken with the CEO or the Supervisor’s immediate Supervisor if he thought she was out of order to call his secretary to follow up on the cheque; although we think that she is right, since this is what she is being paid to do – to collect VINLEC’s money.

If it is true that his constituents are being targeted for disconnection, then one would assume that many NDP supporters live in his constituency. If the supervisor did campaign bitterly against you during the last general elections, then she is doing a darn good and extremely professional job for the country and VINLEC, and she is more ULP than those who voted for you, just to see what they can get.

Comrade, the Credit Control Supervisor’s job is one that no one in VINLEC envies, because it is the worst seat to sit in, and for the year and a half that that supervisor has been heading that unit, if the CEO and his management team are not naïve, they, too, will conclude that the Unit is performing excellently. I wonder if the CEO or the Manager of Customer Service ever informed the Board or the Comrade that this Unit is the only one in VINLEC that has a team charter. The supervisor was not disrespectful; she only replied to your comments and questions.

Mr. CEO, we are begging you to be a true leader, and do not leave your supervisors to be crushed under the wheels of the bus. We understand your position, but a true leader will stand up.

There are a number of customers and ULP supporters who meet me on a daily basis and comment on the supervisor’s kindness. So ironical, a known ULP supporter who had been disconnected sent the Supervisor a thank-you card, moments after the “verbal encounter”. It is still on her desk. Why should one mangie sheep spoil the whole flock? In essence, Comrade, do not throw away the baby with the bath water.

We are not creating a stir because this lady does not like to be the centre of attention, but the workers at VINLEC are really upset about the suspension of our co-worker.