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September 6, 2011
Vote for a soccer team with fresh, new ideas

Tue, Sept 6. 2011

Editor: When I took over Avenues United as Manager, I had a single goal in mind: that was to transform the team into one of the best, if not the best Football team in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

In approximately three years, along with the support of key members of the Paul’s Avenue community, and others, I have accomplished this mission.

Most of us who follow football can attest to the fact that Avenues United is one of the better teams in SVG and with the longest history of all the existing clubs that are around today, our closest rival being Pastures United.

It took dedication and determination to revive a club and eventually a spirit in a community that was darkened by violence, segregation and a lot of other obstacles.

Today, the Avenues Club that people once thought was on the way to the grave has been revived and boasts two years of club competition as undefeated champions.

My friends, it is not that I want to boast or have allowed these small accomplishments, according to what scale they are being measured, to, in any way, deplete my humility.

I wanted just for us to take a look at what can be accomplished with the right mix of personnel, vision and dedication.

I had a single purpose at the time and I set out to find the right persons to share and accomplish that goal with.

I also have a single goal in mind as I write this letter. That goal is to remind us of the current state of our Soccer affairs in our beloved SVG, and for us to ensure that we are familiar with the faces and names that have brought it to such a terrible state.

It has been brought to my attention that when the next football executive election is called, a number of these faces and names that have killed soccer in our land are again assembling a team to be re-elected.

I do not know about you out there in the Soccer Diaspora, but I have had enough of these guys.

As long as we decide to vote for these guys, we are voting for “the same old Khaki pants”, and the eventual burial of Soccer in our country.

Think of the current executive hiring of another so called Technical Director who, by the way, is operating as our Senior National Coach, after dismissing the previous coach that they spent money on to send to all the coaching programmes that were available.

Think about the money that was sent by CONCACAF/CFU to assist Avenues United to host the legs of the CCL that was taken and spent to pay other debts, while leaving Bayhill Apartments without payment for time Avenues spent at this place.

And, most recently, and most damaging to us, just think of the current investigation because of the US$40,000 that was never declared at Customs but is alleged to be in our country.

Come election time, I urge all of us to put our fears of change aside and do the right thing for Soccer in our country.

I urge all of us to vote for change and not a “handed down” executive, from one current member to another.

If we, the football loving people, make the mistake and elect these same faces, then the only thing that is going to be different from the current executive is who is at the head and the formation of the body.

The affairs, however, will be managed the same, because we would have re-elected the same guys with no vision.

It is my ardent prayer that we put aside self-interest, political affiliation or otherwise, and vote for change and the future of Soccer in SVG.

I ask, no, I beg, that we vote for a new team with fresh faces and new ideas.

I encourage us to get rid of the old executive or the majority of it, and elect a NEW TEAM.

Marvin Fraser