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September 6, 2011
Staff, villagers, cooperate, cooperate, cooperate

Tue, Sept 6. 2011

Editor: In a certain village on the Leeward side of our island is a primary school that has some problems involving teachers and villagers; problems that have been lingering for some years now.

There is disunity at the school.{{more}}

Unfortunately, it seems that some teachers have spread rumors throughout the village and this has resulted in a BIG rift between and among teachers and villagers. Some villagers side with one teacher against another teacher. Thus, disrespect for selected teachers has become the norm at the said school. The school is crying out to the troublesome parents: “Leh me lone! Leave me alone!” STOP the rumours! Promoting disrespect for any teacher is certainly not healthy for the education of the children attending that institution.

I am therefore begging parents in the village to show respect to ALL teachers. Yes, naturally you may like one teacher more than another. But that does not mean that a parent must disrespect the teacher he/she likes less.

Parents, by respecting ALL teachers, you will be teaching your children by example; teaching them how to show respect to others, which in turn, will encourage others to respect them, and your children will likely learn better at the school as well. As the new school term is about to begin, I beg ALL teachers and parents in this lovely, high, cool village of ours, please, for the interest in the education of our children, COOPERATE, COOPERATE, COOPERATE with each other. It’s the way that leads to success!

Let’s ALL get our school back to where it used to be.

Very Concerned Resident