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September 2, 2011
Let’s save our innocent children

Fri, Sept. 02, 2011

Editor: There is need to protect our innocent children from satanic exposures and influences by adults. Many may not realize it, but there are many things that adults expose their children to which are satanic.{{more}}

Recently, out of curiosity, I saw an event that was geared for children, which made me sad as an adult.

It was an event where children were performing various talents, and amongst the performers was a magician. This may sound good and entertaining for children. Yes, they are innocent, but think of the impact it would have on their young minds as they watch the magicians performing various activities. I am certain many children were impressed and would like to do the same things, as he used some of them to assist him with his chanting and so called tricks. Sadly, but true, no one from management was present, nor their children, but yet others were present. While we give credit to that establishment for keeping the children occupied and entertained and at the same time promoting its business, we must condemn such satanic acts where powers were invoked and satanic functions were performed all in the name of entertainment.

Indeed our children are innocently being exposed to satanic practices and satanic things when they are allowed to watch HARRY POTTER movies, taken up with Michael Jackson moon walk and other satanic things. Some of the cartoons and movies such as HORROR movies that many love and let their children watch. There are many more practices that are satanic, but time would not permit to name more. Suffice it to say that our innocent children are exposed to these satanic things by many adults. No wonder we have so many young people doing horrible things because they have been empowered by Satan and his demons.

It is indeed frightening the direction we are leading our children, and I think it is time we protect our children by denouncing these evils. As adults, we must put away our iniquitous practice and return to the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to safeguard what our children watch and the places they go to and the things they are involved in, our we would loose them to satanic forces.

Let us wake up and get on our knees and cry to God for our children, and let us save our innocent children from the satanic forces. Thank you.

Kennard King