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August 30, 2011
Marshall suffering from a dose of ‘never expect’

Tue, Aug 30, 2010

Editor: A few days ago, I received a rude FaceBook Message from one Sehon Marshall.{{more}} I assume he is one and the same person who “co-hosts” a ULP morning show on Star FM radio and, at the same time, is Chairman of the broadcasting regulatory body.

In his FB message, he made veiled threats and stated I am writing on FaceBook to “become relevant”.

Sehon Marshall, Wade Kojo Williams, Sr. is from the poor Daniel/Luenda Williams clan of the Calliaqua/Glen/Rathomill area. Members of this humble family have made their contributions to communities and societies in SVG, Canada, UK and elsewhere, particularly to the Labour Party.

In 1975 – after Labour scored a 10-2-1 victory in the December 1974 elections – I left for Canada. At the time, I was General Secretary of the party.

In 1977, I was called back home by (then) Prime Minister Robert Milton Cato. It was an open secret the Labour Party was becoming hugely unpopular. Staunch supporters throughout had become very disillusioned with the party and government. Mr. Cato had problems holding public meetings in Calliaqua and other bastions of the Labour Party.

In 1979, the Labour Party scored another landslide (13-2) victory at the polls. Having done my job as Party General Secretary, I again left for Canada to rejoin my wife and children and to continue my studies.

In 1983, in a telephone conversation, Sir Vincent Beache requested my return. Following discussions with Prime Minister Cato, I declined Sir Vincent’s request, for reasons well known to Labour Party supporters. From my telephone conversations with Sir Vincent and the late Prime Minister Milton Cato, it was clear the party was divided and very unpopular with Vincentians, at home and abroad. One faction was seeking to remove the party co-founder/leader and Prime Minister.

Mr. Cato pulled the plug on the “Young Turks” and the party was defeated in 1984. Five years later, Mitchell and his NDP won every seat in Parliament.

Want to “become relevant” you say? Sehon Marshall, you are a fool. You had an opportunity to help deliver North Leeward to De Comrade. You failed miserably. In fact, it was stated in a FaceBook message, that you may have been the main reason the ULP lost that seat.

About three weeks ago, I made reference to Sehon Marshall’s arrogance and incessant, unprofessional shouting on Morning Scoop. Marshall has now become a diabolical “ground god” and wants his pound of flesh from Kojo. If Sehon Marshall wants a public fight with me, I am more than willing to oblige.

I have the energy. I have the time. I have the information.

I love to write.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have received no fewer than 10 FaceBook messages from persons who were very lavish in their criticisms and ridicule of Sehon Marshall’s unbearable, arrogant and childish behaviour in North Leeward and elsewhere. Some of these messages, if proven to be accurate, are enough to destroy in an instant, Sehon Marshall’s self-perceived public and powerful political life.

Sehon Marshall may be De Comrade’s hand-picked candidate for North Leeward. De Comrade remains uncharacteristically silent, while some of his dotish operatives abuse the people they were hired to serve. But as sure as the sun rises in the East, there will soon be a groundswell of public rejection of this sort of embarrassing behaviour.

For now, Sehon Marshall appears to be very well protected by Prime Minister Gonsalves and Senator Julian Francis.

This guy seems to have a problem dealing with success. He is suffering from an overdose of “Never Expect”.

Humble yourself Marshall. Your toxic attitude could be politically injurious to Comrade and ULP.

Know this Sehon Marshall: politics is a thankless job. Politicians are criticised, whether they do good or bad.

Now go and contemplate killing Kojo.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.