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August 23, 2011
Thank you, Camillo Gonsalves!

Editor: “…Camillo Gonsalves said he is open to contesting electoral politics in St Vincent and the Grenadines but will only run if the people ask him to do so…” [caribbeannewsnow.com – Aug. 11, 2011]

There is “dynasty” and then, there is “dynasty”. In countries ruled by dictators, one should view “dynasty” as a bad thing. But in a Western democracy, like SVG, the word “dynasty” is irrelevant.{{more}}

Those who believe in human rights and freedoms of individuals, should defend the right of any citizen to face the polls in democratic elections.

That Sir Vincent Ian Beache is the father of Glen Beache; that Jerrol Thompson is the son of John Gilbert Thompson; that Herbie Young is the son of Herman Fraser Young; that Joseph Burns Bonadie is the nephew of Robert Milton Cato; that Sir James Mitchell is the father of Louise Mitchell; and that Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonsalves is the father of Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves, matter not in a democratic society. In SVG, like all other Western democracies, candidates first face their respective constituency councils, then their party Executives/National Councils before being offered to the electorate, who decide their fate.

This is not the case in countries where one is selected based on family, ethnic/tribal or religious line.

I am heartened that Camillo has expressed having an open mind and will contest general elections, if called upon, so to do and nominated through the democratic process.

Camillo continues to serve SVG and the United Nations with distinction. He is a bright light in that (world) august body. Like his father, Camillo is more than qualified to represent any constituency in SVG. He possesses the academic qualifications, experience and skills that make good leaders.

As I see it, De Comrade will be called upon (by the vast majority of Vincentians at home and in the Diaspora) to lead his party into the 2015 general elections. It is imperative that he answers the call in the affirmative. We need one more term from De Comrade.

Having completed his fourth consecutive term as our most successful Prime Minister, it seems certain that Camillo will replace De Comrade as the representative for North Central Windward. At that time, SVG will be fortunate to have Camillo Gonsalves, Saboto Caesar, Luke Browne and Louise Mitchell vying for the leadership of the ULP and our country.

I defended Camillo’s right to become our UN Ambassador. I will again defend Camillo’s right to contest general elections in SVG, as well as the leadership of the ULP.

Seems the United Nations did not have a problem appointing father (Ralph) and son (Camillo) as two of the four Co-Chairpersons for their international conferences on the global financial crisis, not so long ago.

Young Gonsalves’ human rights must be defended in democratic SVG. Those who are afraid of Camillo’s political leadership abilities should “go fly a kite”.

Camillo is Camillo and Ralph is Ralph.

How say you “my dear people” and “Miss Rights and Freedoms”?

Wade Kojo Williamas, Sr.