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August 19, 2011
Are we the architect of our own problems?

Fri, Aug 19. 2011

Editor: We always blame the economic policies of the state for making us poor, but have we looked at it from the other side and concluded that we are the ones that are making the state poor? A poor state must be made up of mostly poor people.{{more}} Therefore, can you itemize the policies of a state that are making you poor? I do not believe so. The truth is we have started poverty in our minds and are looking for someone else to blame. We have to find creative ways of earning new money. I emphasize new money because if we are simply redistributing the same money, we are only changing the average, but not the total.

In this society, it seems that it is good to be bad, hence when we reap what we sow, then attempt to blame others for our predicament. We give our children all sorts of despicable nicknames then wonder why they amount to nothing. Names carry an energy to them. Therefore, when you nickname your child bantan, poison or crimmo, what do you expect them to turn out to be? Nothing but criminals that bring more misery to your household.

The problem is that we have simplified life by believing that life is about living in this physical form and dying. This is far from the truth because there is more than one dimension to this life. Everything is recorded in the form of energy, and it is for this reason a good fortune teller can read your past and your future. Even those who have died maintain their consciousness, and that is why it is claimed that persons would be punished after death. We hardly take time to reflect and reason. We seem to be in a daze as a people. Many of us enjoy going to a fete, but after the fete we do not take time out for a sober reflection on life. Does it really concern you what is going on with your subconscious or your spirit? Creative ideas are generated by the subconscious and the spirit, and they seem dormant in most of us.

I urge the preachers of the Gospel to take their followers along a spiritual path and not a religious path. There is big difference to both. Whether Christ comes today, next week, or never makes absolutely any difference in our lives. However, the way our spirits and subconscious are developed determines how successful we are in this life. Therefore, let us reflect on our lives and see if we are the architect our own problems.