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August 9, 2011
We must let our goal become a cause

Tue, Aug 09, 2010

Editor: Our children are in the middle of the summer vacation and are looking forward to a new school year.{{more}} However, we must not forget that new persons have just entered the job market. There are numerous challenges facing this country. We are faced with a high crime rate, high unemployment, underachievement in males and the inability of our people to compete at the highest level. This period definitely calls for creative thinking and new approaches to solving old problems. It calls for a concerted effort by all and not just the Government. Sporting organizations, churches and the private sector all have a role to play.

I always get the impression that we are not serious about sports. Every school must have a sporting program that is approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports. We cannot seriously develop athletes by training our children on Saturdays alone, and to make matters worse, Saturday worshippers do not send their children to these programs. Children have to be trained constantly in their school environment and these programs must be supported by the various sporting bodies. Specialized trainers must be attached to the schools.

I do believe that churches can play a greater role in social development. Many preachers of the Gospel believe that their only role is to win souls for Christ; therefore if persons are not prepared to become followers of Christ, nothing can be done for them. Like it or not, the influence of religion on our society would continue to decline, mainly because the much anticipated return of Christ is long overdue. If we are convinced that these are the signs of the end of times and prophecies are being fulfilled, then we should just fold our arms and allow things to continue as they are. I am no believer, therefore I am not prepared to take this approach.

Many churches are in possession of vast sums of money which can be used to develop their members and the general community. I am always told that this money is used to do the work of the Lord. I am in no position to say what this work of the Lord really entails, but I hope that it involves the overall development of people. According to the Bible, Christ helped sinners and non-sinners alike, so I expect the same from the churches. It is strange that he changed so many laws, but never touched the one pertaining to tithes, at least for some. How ironic?

I must admit that there are some members of the private sector that make serious efforts to assist in the development of our country, but I believe that more can be done. However, I think that they need to start looking at things from a business perspective, in terms of trying to own clubs and develop players that can be sold.

We must let our goal become a cause. We must not take positions because we want our name to be called, but we must have a genuine love for mankind and the greatness inherent in each and everyone.