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July 29, 2011
More vehicle inspection venues needed

Fri, Jul 29. 2011

An Open letter to the Police Commissioner and the Traffic Department

Sir: I do wish to commend you and the general police force for the appropriate protective services you offer to the public. Congrats! Keep it up!{{more}}

I wish to recommend to you the possibility of having more than one or two venues for carrying out the inspection of vehicles. I know that inspection of vehicles is done at Arnos Vale and also the Barrouallie Police Station; not sure of elsewhere. However, the inspectors almost always seem to be missing at the Barrouallie Police Station, so it seems to me that inspection is almost always done at ONE location throughout the country, Arnos Vale.

In Trinidad, for instance, within the San Fernando area alone, I have seen at least 4 different places where vehicle inspection is done. So I can reasonably conclude that throughtout Trinidad, there are quite a number of places for vehicle inspection to occur. So why can’t we have inspection done throughout St.Vincent at a number of other locations – Chateaubelair, Barrouallie, Arnos Vale, Biabou, and Georgetown Police Stations, for example? Maybe two trained police inspectors can be placed at each of these Police Stations to carry out inspection. Is it really necessary to drive all the way from Fancy or Chateaubelair to Arnos Vale to have your vehicle inspected?

Mr Commissioner, I think it will be a very good idea to look into this matter and take appropriate action, making it easier for vehicle owners, especially at a time like this when the cost of gasoline and other vehicular materials is increasing.

Thanking you.

Simeon James