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July 8, 2011

Are we being deceived?


Editor: While our country reflects on the recently concluded carnival, it is always good and right to reflect on matters of a spiritual nature, including finding the TRUTH about certain spiritual matters. Are we being deceived? I wish to discuss the matter of healing done in some churches today. Is it really from the Almighty? Or some other source?{{more}}

The Master, Christ, when on earth, told his followers in Matthew 10:8 to perform miracles, which they will do with Jah’s help. Psalms 68:4. The miracles included raising the dead. Christ raised Lazarus and others. John 11: 43, 44. The apostle Peter raised Dorcas from the dead. Acts 9:40. The apostle Paul raised a young man from the dead named Eutychus. Acts 20:9-12. Dem servants back then had power from the Almighty to do dem things.

My BIG question is: How is it that in some churches today it is claimed dat healing is done with Jah’s backing, yet NONE of these healers/miracle workers are able to bring the dead back to life? Why? Do they really get their power from the Almighty, who has no limit to his power? Are we being deceived by these religious “healers”? Do they fit the ones described at Matthew 7:21-23?

It seems so to me. Because since Jah’s servants in the past were able to resurrect the dead by Jah’s help, then those today who claim to be healers/miracle workers and have Jah with them must be able to raise the dead too. How come they CANNOT? People have to get conscious and question these things. Nah fraid. Be brave. Respect Pastor, but Pastor is NOT God. Nah jus sit in ah church and swallow everything Pastor say or do. Question Pastor, Father, Reverend, Pointer, or whoever is leading the church. Are we being deceived?

Conscious Man-Ras Bongo