Our Readers' Opinions
June 21, 2011

SVG and Sir Frederick Treves


Editor: I would be deeply appreciative if I could be provided with a logical, intelligent and pertinent explanation as to why Sir Frederick Treves C. C.V.O., C.B., L.L.D, in his book “Cradle of the Deep,” which was first published in May 1908 by Smith, Elder & Co. of London and reprinted December 1934 by John Murray, London, made no mention of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where it should have been in the sequence of chapters at page 109.{{more}}

It appears that in his travels Sir Frederick Travers would have been northward bound, having sailed to Trinidad, then on to Grenada, mentioned in chapter 20. He then makes an apparent jump on to St Lucia, mentioned in chapter 21. Having gone through his book, I was disappointed to see no mention made of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

I was greatly stirred, yet nevertheless only mildly comforted, when I read in the fifth edition of “The Saint Vincent Handbook”, published in 1938 by the Vincentian and edited by Robert M. Anderson, a letter on page 247 written on the 23 August, by A. Miles Moss, Chaplain of the Anglican Church Para, Brazil, in which he stated “for in his “Cradle of the Deep”, aglow with interest as it is, there is a chapter missing, a most important chapter, and it ought to occur in the neighborhood of Grenada and St. Lucia about page 109”.

I view this as no mere passing observation, but one which merits some deliberation, which I dare say may well prove insightful.

Gerelyn John