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June 21, 2011
I call on all fathers to step up to the plate…


Editor: The time is here once more when the spotlight is on fathers.

Fatherhood possesses great powers and responsibilities, but for whatever the reason or reasons there may be, most fathers seem to have lost their way, failing in their first noble duty where parenting is concerned.{{more}}

Fathers are also failing terribly in occupying their rightful places as the head of their household, working together with mothers to ensure effective parenting.

It is rather troubling for me to see so many fathers in prison. When discipline breaks down in any home, that home is in chaos. Can you imagine what goes through a child’s mind when he or she visits his or her father in prison, doing time for a serious crime? What are children supposed to do when their parents see their only option to settle their disagreements is by opting for separation and subsequently divorce? How can love flow and grow when parents cannot find it in themselves to forgive each other for whatever mistakes there may be? Parents must be very careful as to what sorts of signals they are sending to their children and the society. Good and proper parenting is necessary in that it dictates whether we will have a good moral and disciplined society or a society of moral decay and chaos.

Here in S.V.G, the region and the world, the institution of fatherhood is encountering serious problems. Even some step-fathers are struggling to understand their role in the home, but who can blame them if they fail to adequately take care of their own? How can they effectively take care of someone else?

We must all remember that the hands that rock the cradle still rule the world; each and every father has a God-given duty to parent their child/children.

As Malcolm X states, “You’re either a part of the problem or you’re a part of the solution.” The choice is yours.

Fathers have been given great power and influence; when these are channeled in the right direction, crime and violence will be on the down low; love, peace and togetherness will flow, making the world a better place.

I am very concerned when I see the large number of fathers here in S.V.G at the Family Court, answering to the question of non-payment of child support. It really breaks my heart. Our men-folk have certainly appeared to have lost their way and are bluntly refusing to take up their rightful places in society. One sometimes wonders why our prisons are so full; the world must be a very dark place for any man who believes that God has made a big mistake, he being born male. Such a man is an infidel and defeats the purpose for which he was created.

In conclusion on this Father’s Day, I humbly call on all fathers to step up to the plate, take up your rightful place in your homes, accept your responsibilities and let us together mend our broken homes, hearts and spirits. If there is ever a time when our children need us, it is now. A home will never be complete without fathers and mothers. For the fathers who are already there, “nuff” respect. You are men of virtue; continue to strive always for excellence.


Cleave Francis