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June 17, 2011
Soca boat sinking Vincy Mas


Editor: I wish to endorse the strong sentiments expressed by Jennifer Richardson regarding the degradation of females by many of our local soca artistes. It’s no secret that SVG is a loose and sexually explicit society. This is vivid in our daily expressions through the media, social networks and interaction among our peers.{{more}} However, in order to inculcate high moral standards and civility, it’s imperative that we set parameters to govern our behaviour.

The embarrassingly high volume of smutty and sexually explicit material produced by soca artistes for Vincy Mas 2K11 is cause for concern. This obsession with sex and disrespect for women has been allowed to go unchecked for too long. Where are the woman’s lib, human rights association and the church in all this? Aren’t many of our local women to be blamed for willingly subjecting themselves to such ridicule? Instead of voicing their disapproval, they promote the smut by lowering their bodies to be used as objects in music videos and demeaning themselves in numerous Carnival fetes.

Much of the blame should be placed on record producers who continue to promote sub-standard material. This has inevitably led to a significant drop in creativity since increasingly several artistes who do not value their work are absorbed into the industry. As a consequence, an increase in second-rated songs laced with cheap and recycled catch phrases to woo fans and judges are produced for competitions. What’s more, many of our local soca bards have not improved their craft since joining the industry eons ago. Are they really aware that they are promoting their country on the international market?

A worrying occurrence is that we continue to feed the youths with an unhealthy diet of suggestive and sexually explicit Carnival package, yet blame them when they succumb to such relentless provocation. This hypocritical practice has led to many lowering their guard and falling prey to unscrupulous elements which lure them into an enticing world of drugs, alcohol and sex. Newsflash! Local medical records indicate that there is a spike in births to teenagers during March/April! Now you do the math…

What songs are they going to play for the young revellers at Junior Carnival?

Encouragingly, the retrogression into the gutters of smut and vulgarity has escaped a plethora of artistes who represent class and progress. Among these are the versatile Skinny Fabulous, Bomani, Skarpyon, Problem Child, and my favourite, Luta. Nonetheless, I am disappointed in Luta for not using more satire and/or double entendre to camouflage his liqher Licence masterpiece. It also falls into the over-used sex theme, albeit with class.

Carnival is our culture; let’s put measures in place to ensure its healthy growth!!!

Collin CA$H Haywood