Our Readers' Opinions
June 17, 2011

Mr. Browne, these facts can be verified anywhere


Editor: It seems that my previous letter has provoked an attack of petulance by Luke Browne. Does he now feel that he is so high and mighty that the only position and comment individuals should have on Libya and Gadaffi are only those that concur with his own?{{more}}

If you must put your views in the public spotlight via letters to the media, then you must be prepared to accept comment from those readers who do not share your views. I have no desire to burden your readers with a long and protracted exchange of views re: this subject. Rather, I will leave it to your readers to decide whose point of view they wish to agree with. For that reason Luke Browne may wish to reply to this letter, but I shall not be making any further comment.

There is, however, one point of Luke’s reply that I feel does need clarification. With two exceptions, the comments in my letter re Coup, WPC Fletcher, Pan Am 103, terrorist support, bombings and assassinations were not influenced by the Western media, as Luke so petulantly claims. They are a matter of historical record. I do not need to be influenced by western media in order to make statements that by due dilligence can proven to be correct. The fact that they are correct means that they can be verified in any media, western or not! But perhaps Luke only wishes to consult that portion of the media that is in agreement with his views.

The only two items in my letter where I will have to be taken on trust were those referring to The Little Green Book and the veto regarding male gatherings. My views on the Little Green Book have been formed because I have taken the time to read it, and my comments re: male gathering are from personal knowledge, since in my past employment I was seconded to Libya for two months.

So, Luke, you may not agree with what I have written, but this is based on a short time living under the heel of Gadaffi. Something I think that is alien to you.

A. W. Indupp