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June 14, 2011

Response to A. W. Indupp’s contribution to the discussion on Libya


Editor: I have read the statement made by some A. W. Indupp., as published in the Midweek newspaper of June 7, 2011, which actually had little to do with my earlier articles on Libya. The author is clearly not familiar with the content of my articles, though they have apparently caused him some frustration.{{more}} It is a shame that said individual could not justify his concern on the basis of anything I actually said.

My first article established that a definitive historical judgment of Muammar Gadaffi is neither assumed nor required for the purposes of the commentary. We denounced the use of excess force against humanity in no uncertain terms. We condemned the Lockerbie bombing and we condemned the Cubana airline bombing. We stated that there is no tolerance for terrorism of any kind and made specific reference to the terrorism of the IRA, which was supported by Libyans and Americans. There is reason to believe that NATO is not really concerned with the creation of a Libya – or a world – that is more just, efficient and humane. I accept that democratic reforms in Libya are desirable and suggested that Gadaffi’s political future be determined by referendum.

I’m sure that A. W. Indupp. is capable of a more serious and a more factual contribution to the discussion on Libya that is less reliant on Western media reports and to which he or she might be willing to attach his or her real name.

Luke Browne