Our Readers' Opinions
May 17, 2011
Let us build our faith through our beliefs


Editor: I sometimes wonder if we usually take time out to examine our lives. We often want to blame someone else for our problems. We often blame politicians for our social and economic problems and blame Satan when we commit what is considered sinful. We need to accept responsibility for our actions. To be honest, as far as I am concerned a devil does not exist.{{more}} We assume that since we associate good things with God there must be an opposite entity that is responsible for all things that are bad. This entity we call the Devil or Satan.

We need to search within ourselves for solutions to our problems. We have to start believing in ourselves and eventually we would be more successful. We often speak about faith, but faith is a state of mind. It is simply a belief in something where even the subconscious has been convinced that association with that thing can bring about a desired result. It means that one can have faith in God, witchcraft or even an animal. Once you have convinced yourself that it works for you, it will build your faith and your self-belief. As a people, I get the impression that we do not have any deep belief in anything therefore we are mentally weak. We ought to develop that inner strength which comes from self-belief.

One of our problems is that we often find it easier to do bad than to do good. Probably bad often brings more pleasure than good or we have been taught that God will forgive us once we ask for it. We therefore continue to do bad and there is nothing that weakens you more than when you have convinced yourself that you are doing something bad. The problem is that Christianity has simplified life to the extent that we do not see the need to commit ourselves to anything. One gets the impression that you can live an entire life being bad then ask for forgiveness at the end. It does not work like this.

The main problem comes from us giving God a personality claiming that God forgives. Once we have given God that personality we then gave him emotions. I do not even like to use him because God is neither male nor female. If life was as simple as that one can expect heaven to be filled with repented criminals and possibly folks like Hitler and others that carried out mass murder. God is the energy of this universe upon which we have to impress our desires. However, there are other things that influence this energy therefore we do not always get what we request. If God had emotions you can guarantee that there would not have been a single instance of pain and suffering in this world.

Let us strive to do good and strengthen our inner self. If you believe in God it ought to build your faith and help you to succeed.