Our Readers' Opinions
April 1, 2011

It is time to broaden our discussion


EDITOR: I am not certain if we are paying close attention to the way our society is developing, but it is clear that we are only interested in political discussions. There are so many other issues such as sports, religion, and most important science and technology that ought to be discussed.{{more}}

Though we often mention God and Jesus Christ, we never discuss the fundamental beliefs and whether our religious beliefs make sense or are beneficial to us. I am certain if there is a discussion on radio pertaining to science very few would phone in to participate. It is for this reason I think we are being left behind. The media has a key role to play in the educational development of our society and broadening the discussions of our people, but politics seems to be the order of the day. This is not only pitiful, but shameful.

The Vatican held a conference on November 6-11, 2009, to discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial life. This conference brought together 30 of the world’s leading astronomers, biologists and geologists. They (the Vatican) were, however, eager to stress that the presence of extraterrestrial life does not preclude a belief in God. In my opinion, it may, however, challenge the religious content and not the belief in God per se. They have also jointly launched a website with the Italian Space Agency. I do hope that all this has been noted in the local Catholic community and sincerely feel that the Vatican must be commended for their bold move.

The scant interest in science is one of the reasons that West Indies cricket has found itself in this predicament. Others are using science and technology to improve their game, but it seems that we have been left behind. In addition, others have merged mind training with science to enhance their game. Persons fail to realize that most skillful acts are performed when the subconscious is in control. Sometimes a person may perform a skillful act, but when asked to repeat it, they are unable to. This is because they performed it when the subconscious was in control, but they are being asked to do it when the conscious is in control, hence they are unable to.

Listening to our discussions, one would get the impression that politics is the only subject we can discuss. It is time to broaden our discussion and become more open minded.