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April 1, 2011
Fathers, please take up your role!


Why? Oh Why? Why is it that some fathers seem to take delight in neglecting their children?{{more}}

To fathers who do this I ask: “Don’t you truly recognize that your children are gifts from God, like one “Bible reader” rightly mentioned in last week’s newspaper?” (Psalms 127:3) When someone gives you a gift out of love, is it right to neglect that gift, to treat it as though it is of no worth? Or do you cherish it?

Since children are gifts from God, given out of love, by all means they are to be cherished, treated with love, respect, and appreciation. Fathers, it is your primary responsibility to provide for your children. Give them their basic needs continually – love, clothing, food, shelter, and any other proper desires you can provide.

It is high-class wickedness when some fathers who are capable fail to provide for their children’s needs. Instead, some fathers waste their money on rum, gambling, or running behind women, while their wife and children suffer, lacking food, clothes, school supplies etc. Of course, if a father is sick, or for some other valid reason, cannot provide for his children, that is understandable. Even then, he can make arrangements for some social agency to assist his wife and children. e.g. Social Welfare, Public Assistance.

To any father who is able to but deliberately neglects his children, I say: “Make a change! Stand up to your responsibility. Start being a REAL father to your children. Stop being a COUNTERFEIT father; be a REAL man. Out of respect for God Almighty and His gift to you, Appreciate, Love and Care your children and provide their basic needs etc.

Fathers, please READ 1 Timothy 5:8, meditate on it and do what it says if you are not presently doing so.”

Simeon James