Our Readers' Opinions
March 18, 2011
Say a prayer for the people of Japan


Editor: The AEC joins with the millions of believers around the world who are in prayer for the people of Japan amidst this unprecedented disaster. We also join in encouraging those who can to seek opportunities to give assistance in the spirit of love to those in great need.{{more}} We plead with all believers to be concerned with the suffering of all those that suffer, even while declaring the full truth of God.

“Dear Father, you are absolutely sovereign over all, and you exercise good for your purposes. Show kindness and mercy, even in judgment. God, your power humbles us; your majesty compels us to worship. We do not always understand your ways oh God, but we do trust in your goodness, mercy and steadfast love. We know that we are undeserving of your kindness, so we are always thankful for peace, and favour.

Allow your people to be courageous in declaring your total truth in the spirit of love and gentleness. Teach us to be concerned with the plight of the suffering. Teach us to hold lightly the material possessions you have blessed us with; not being consumed with them, but using wealth to further your purposes for your good. We pray that as a result of your mercy to the people of Japan that the wicked will forsake their wickedness and turn to repentance, that hardened hearts will become soft and that you will turn and show compassion again. All this we ask Oh Father for your goodness and good pleasure.”