Our Readers' Opinions
March 18, 2011

A serious message to minibus drivers


Editor: I wish to appeal to some minibus drivers to display a more respectful manner in the way they deal with their passengers. I want the “Minibus Drivers Association” to join me in making this appeal, too.{{more}}

While some drivers treat their passengers in a dignified way, for which they ought to be commended, there are others who display poor manners in the disrespectful way they deal with their passengers. For instance, some drivers speak rudely to their passengers when they are annoyed about something; in most cases, over some petty matter. Sometimes you will hear people say: “I am not riding with ‘Deeno’ (to coin a name) because he is too rude and doesn’t know how to speak to people properly.” Or you might hear: “You see ‘HM 4…’, not me riding in dat! The driver rude and out of place, telling me…” So some drivers need to pull their socks up and do much better and stop being rude to their passengers. They need to set a better example for others, including the children who ride in their minibuses.

After all, passengers help drivers to survive, as we all know. Thus, passengers should be treated in a dignified manner by ALL drivers. If they do, there will be a much better relationship between them and the passengers, which should be our desire. Of course, passengers, too, must endeavour to be polite in dealing with drivers.

A deeply concerned parent