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March 11, 2011
Please give this dangerous road some serious consideration


Editor: The road leading from Charles Village overlooking the Cumberland Power plant was recently written about by someone named Simeon. I would like to add my support to that writer’s article, having planned to write about it sometime now.{{more}}

That section is always challenging to the vast majority of drivers on the road. It poses difficulties to drivers coming from town to see on top of the hill because of the height. I am conscious of the fact that it will cost a lot to have the road done properly, for it is my humble opinion that it needs proper engineering for it sinks quite frequently. If my memory serves me right, that road was dealt with about twice in the last ten years. The road, as it is presently, is very dangerous, not just because of the steep slope, but mainly due to the fact that the retaining wall on the lower side overlooking the VINLEC POWER PLANT is too low, and added to that, the road is sinking. The sink on that side of the road is becoming worse and worse as time goes by. It is my opinion that if something is not done quickly, that entire side of the road will collapse, thus posing a greater problem. The sink unfortunately stretches over into the other lane, thus making it very dangerous.

I realize that it will be an expensive project, for I think it will be wise to have the retaining wall on the other side removed and the road dug further in, thus eliminating the problem of driving so close to the end of the road. Also, other factors might come into play like a proper retaining wall on the side overlooking the Vinlec power plant with a comfortable height. However, in the interim, I strongly recommend that to avoid danger, which can result in loss of lives and also save the government funds, should the road collapse, that area be dug up and some concrete first be applied and then the pitching of the road.

It is my hope that serious effort to be made to address the problem very soon and that also a complete work of redoing that road be given some serious consideration in the not too distant future. I know funds are hard and so proper planning must be made and the road be given top priority. I am disappointed that the Hon. Roland Matthews who drives on the same road has not made reference to it in Parliament as an urgent need. After all, Mr .Matthews is the representative for North Leeward.

Thanks for allowing me the space, and I hope some urgent attention will be given soon.

Kennard King