Our Readers' Opinions
March 11, 2011

Forget distracting, distractors … Deal with REAL issues!


Editor: All who have been following the issues relating to the proposals to amend the Criminal Procedure Code and the Representation of the People Act would realise that the government is bent on making these amendments law. As has been the case for a while now, no regard is given to the genuine concerns of Vincentians.{{more}} We protest unjust and immoral bills and all we hear is “the NDP wants to overthrow the government.” So, are you telling me that ALL ULP supporters agree with the bills – bills that reduce our right to seek justice that demand high moral standards of our politicians?

The Opposition Leader refused to sit down as a sign of protesting an attempt (through bills) to attack or eat away our democracy and all we hear is “the NDP is disorderly and don’t want to accept that they have lost the elections.” Do you stop to consider the cause of the protest? Do you stop to remember why hundreds of Vincentians were out protesting? The wicked, unjust, selfish actions of the government in bringing the bills is what caused the people, including the opposition parliamentarians (people’s representatives too!), to react in protest – non-violent, pro-rights/freedoms protest. Those who think that disobeying an order of a Speaker of the House is of greater importance than standing for justice and morality are certainly overlooking the weightier issue of the matter. Or are they seeking to distract us from the bills? Well, we the genuine protestors must not fall for such distractions.

Some persons are so insensitive and blind that they justify the excessive force used by some police officers last Thursday on NDP parliamentarians and other protestors. How callous can our people get! I have even heard some people say “they deserve what they get because they decide to protest”. And again, when right thinking Vincentian people condemn such inhumane acts, we are told: “Alyo want to overthrow the government and alyo don’t want to accept yo lose”. Lord, help us, help our people-ALL our people to stand up for what is right and condemn evil! For righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people Prov. 14:34.

In all quarters of this administration, the contempt is being shown to the people. Last Monday night, I listened to a radio panel discussion on the bills. DPP Colin Williams was one of the panelists. Callers were questioning the intent and the timing of the dread bills. They were seeking for reasonable explanations. Colin’s responses were less that shameful. In his arrogance, he concluded by stating that the bills will be on the law books of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. That means whether we like it or not, the bills will become law. In other words, we are wasting our time. How insensitive, and dictatorial, Mr. Williams!

On another occasion in the program he did not forget to remind us that he is the DPP and will be for the next however many years. So whether we like it or not, “we have to live with it”. When these ‘public servants’ are called to give account, they immediately seek to protect their position/job…selfish, selfish, selfish! And they bring all kind of ‘non-issues’ into the mix to distract us. Mr. Williams could not tell the reasonable man how the bills benefit us-vincentians. I believe if you listen to that tape you will be shamefully disappointed with yourself, Mr. Williams. Why didn’t you just give the honest reason for the bills? Your lack of proper explanations just left you with empty, irrelevant flip flop and pride.

Vincentians who love their country must continue to protest these iniquitous bills, and any another that may be brought. And we must let men like Colin Williams know that they need to answer responsibly about the nation’s business.

Often times, people who are not afraid to demand answers and stand up for rights and morality are slandered, threatened and called ‘cults’ or ‘drips and drags’. This again is another attempt to distract Vincentians. But we will not be distracted. Neither are we afraid of any wicked plots to harm or to victimise. We know nothing can happen unless the Almighty God of Heaven (The Great Legislator of the Universe) allows it. And we know, with certainty, that the evil doer will not go unexposed and unpunished.

So, let us forget the distracting distracters and continue to deal with the real issues. Let us protest evil and require high standards from those who hold office in this land.

Ann-Marie Ballantyne


Editor’s note: The Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Bill 2011 is now an Act. It became law on March 1, 2011.