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March 4, 2011
Students not treated fairly at Nursing School


DONESA – Drag Out Nurses Early Say Authorities

Injustice and Oppression to be punished – Isaiah 59

Editor: The fact remains that they do treat students as children, to present day. Yes, without doubt, pregnancy is way past forbidden and very highly punishable. They act as though they are all perfect; never in their lifetimes have they ever made a mistake, not even to lie.{{more}} They consider themselves to be perfect, the most right and just. But they live their lives in denial. Their own reality depresses them, and the wickedness in which they partake haunts them. The eagle has eyes, the birds have wings, but yet the eagle cannot find a safe place to hide from God, and the birds cannot fly away from his punishment. Apply this to your ways of life and approach towards others.

The question remains, does the Education Revolution process apply to nursing education? Why do lecturers despise students so much that they fail them MTS before Regional Exams. It’s called BAD MIND; they fail to see young people strive. They PRESSURE you during your time of training there because they do not want you to achieve, and even more, advance beyond their level. Again you see BAD MIND. They are sweet on their lips and quick to defend injustice. Their courses run as DRY RIVER. THEY HAVE PREPARED IT IN SUCH A WAY THAT NOT EVEN THE HEALTHY CAN MAINTAIN THEIR HEALTH STATUS.

Situations at the School of Nursing are worse than they were in the past. Within the nursing school, the atmosphere is stated as a political area. The system is one sided. It’s a lick boots process, and then you have to experience how they kick ball. Over the years, the School of Nursing has had its problems, but presently, these problems have become dangerous, threatening, and even more wicked. Before, you never got put out for failing or pregnancy. Now this reason for throwing out students has become their second name. Students are not treated fairly, they are crushed, and they favor students accordingly. Their policies and principles will soon fail them and bring them shame at the downfall. You can admire someone but their ways you can dis-like.

Students are treated with no respect, and as if they hold no responsibility. The lecturers live their life and family life, no one judges them. But to consider that time for a student’s family, it’s not permitted. It’s said that a certain lecturer has returned to school. This “Miss so perfect” and “Miss never wrong always RIGHT” seems to be an issue, and as before, has and will always depress, pressure and find means of failing students whom she dislikes most. I can recall that certain subjects areas in the profession used to be taught by their field expertise e.g. Pharmacology. Things have changed and students need to stand up and fight. I can recall that it was said that a certain batch had signed a petition to have male nurses work on Mat Ward to deliver babies. The students need to get serious, put away the dislike of each other, stand together and fight for each other, and this goes out to all nursing students. When you rebel for your rights, honesty, trust, justice, equality and open chances. Do so with God.

Students do not be afraid of their threats, carry out your acts in the right manner and only fear God.

Reason: Share the truth, its reality, its facts, past or present experiences. Educate the public of such hypocritical processes. Their only interests are themselves and to pull down YOUNG PEOPLE. What has been said about the School of Nursing is all correct, with a lot left out.

Be good to others and they shall be good to you.

However, the focus is on the manner in which the school is run and the oh so many different “mean” ways the students are treated. Now even their voices are heard if at any time given the chance to speak.

We all have judgment days.

There is much more to the School of Nursing that is not said. Your response is welcome. Alert them you’re not asleep.

In a plea for Justice, Nurses please Read, Psalm 83: 1-18