Our Readers' Opinions
February 8, 2011



Tonight the moon is shining
I can feel love in the atmosphere
So draw a little closer my darling
Let me show you how much I care…..{{more}}

In the bosom of my love I’ll hold you
Like a mother holds her new born baby
I will wrap you in the blanket of passion
Where forever you will always be…..

I will rinse your ears out with words of love
And shower you with kisses on the back of your neck
Each day you will be reminded of my love for you
So that you will never forget.

I won’t let any harm befall you
I’ll be there to protect you till the end of time
And I will always hold you close to me
Because you are my valentine.

Sydney K. Morgan

Note: This poem is dedicated to my wife, Ruby Morgan, my precious gem.