Our Readers' Opinions
February 4, 2011

Be patient and act wisely


Editor: I have been studying politics for quite some time now, and in particular that of our own S.V.G. I have come to the conclusion that the politicians of our day, that is, in recent times, lack patience and tact.{{more}}

I say this because of the calibre of those in our parliament today. Men such as Ken Boyea, Stalky John, Ivan O’Neal and Dr. Linton Lewis could have been in parliament today, either in government or on the opposition side, making a worthwhile contribution to our nation.

But, everyone of them wants to be ‘The Leader’, and that is the reason why they are outside today, and the country suffers because of their ‘want to be the leader mentality.’ Patience! Patience!

Look at Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, on the other hand. He tried with the UPM and failed. He came with his MNU and was not successful. What did he do? He used his head and he joined up with the SVLP, won the North Central Windward seat through an agreement with Sir Vincent, and the rest is now history. That is what I call patience and tact. And that came after many years in the political wilderness.

Editor, a leader doesn’t necessarily have to be the leader in an organization to play a significant role. So my advice to all those budding politicians who are entering the arena of politics, be patient and used your head wisely.

You don’t have to be like Brere Anansi.

A keen observer