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November 26, 2010
King David vs Nature Boy


Editor: Recently, Senator Daniel Cummings, in an interview on an early morning talk show, made the allegation that the ULP is “scraping the bottom of the barrel” by nominating David “King David” Browne as the candidate to represent South Leeward in the next General Elections. Maybe the Senator is oblivious when it comes to King David, a young man who had problems in the past with an institution the Senator was managing at the time he was establishing his farm.{{more}} This article is not about the Senator, so here are the facts when it comes to South Leeward and “scraping the bottom of the barrel”.

Nigel ‘Nature Boy’ Stephens went to EHSK and graduated before moving on to the Grammar School to pursue his A’ Levels. He went on to teach and came out of the service to contest the 2005 election. He failed to win his seat in South Leeward and did not go back into the service. He went to work with his family, the Sylvesters, before moving into a retail business in Campden Park. Within months the business was closed. Nature has not done much in the constituency that is noteworthy to be given special mention, and that in a nutshell is Nature Boy.

On the other hand, King David went to the St. Martin’s Secondary School. He passed 9 O’ Levels before pursuing a career in Accounting, where he now has his own small accounting firm. He worked with several companies, including the developers in Canouan, and most recently with Eustace Auto Supplies as the Accountant before resigning to go into politics.

After leaving Canouan, King David established his own chicken, pig and vegetables farm in the Pembroke area, which has been relocated to the Vermont area because of the big hotel project at Buccament. Both businesses provide stable employment for several Vincentians up to the date of this article. Around 2007-2008, King David was awarded the Minister of Youths and Sports award of “Young Entrepreneur of the year”. He had earlier around 1998 received a similar award from the same Ministry. However, it was a group award.

Apart from providing employment, King David is known in the Campden Park area for his kind generosity in helping children to go to school, working in community organizations, etc. He has university level training in farming and has provided consultancy services for regional institutions in the area of poultry farming.

Just looking at the record, it is clear that King David is miles ahead of Nature Boy and certainly can’t be at the bottom of any barrel by any one’s wild imagination. To add to this, King David is a devoted Christian, very humble, and there are absolutely no negative vibes coming from this youth or no reciprocal negative vibes coming from the community about him. He has demonstrated he has ambition. I can’t say the same about Nature Boy.

Editor, I want the people of SVG, in particular those in South Leeward, to ask themselves whether King David is a true model of what we want in our children:”a go getter,” a young devoted Christian, successful businessman/ farmer, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and most of all a youth with a charitable heart.

I think it is incumbent on Senator Cummings now that he has the facts to come and clear the air on his “scraping the bottom of the barrel” allegation, because now that the public has the facts, he will not want them to think that he is against Youths and has no respect for farmers.

Remember, Cummings, you were once at the top of an institution that created hurdles for this same young King David, who went on to develop a successful farm and business, and was awarded for his achievements.

South Leeward Voter