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November 19, 2010
PM announces date to end the misery and suffering


Editor: The people have suffered long and hard under the ULP regime. The ULP regime has mismanaged and damaged the SVG economy so much. The ULP regime has made SVG an overtaxed nightmare for the poor, whilst making SVG a tax-free paradise for the rich.{{more}}

The defeat of the 25th November, 2009, referendum was a great achievement for the people of SVG. Getting a NO vote was a blessing and saved SVG from the shackles of communism and dictatorship. The NO vote showed that the people have the power.

The ULP built a jail, rather than a university. It seems they prefer to lock people up, rather than educate them to get high paid jobs. This backward thinking is taking SVG backwards.

Vote Green for forward thinking and jobs. Vote Green to end the begging older persons must endure so a Green government can give older people a $500 per month pension.

People, use your power on election day to bring prosperity to yourself and your family. Use your power to end the suffering and to let the sun rise again over SVG. End the dark days of the ULP regime disease. VOTE GREEN.

Ivan O’Neal BSc(Hons), MSc, MBA , Leader and

Co-founder of SVG Green Party

Ras Bongo Shines, Executive of SVG Green Party